The Scamp School is a youth organizing collective made up of artists, activists, and trouble-makers that are dedicated to making alternative education and direct action more accessible for young people.

Voices of youth and their interests are often devalued by society, in schools and at home. We are told that we are naive and stupid, and that we couldn’t possibly know what’s good for us. Adults brush our ideas aside and invalidate our dreams. Our freedom, curiosity, and vivid imaginations are used against us.

Youth is not ignorance. Youth is energy and strength.

We shouldn’t have to “act older” or “grow up” to be taken seriously. Being ourselves and fighting injustice don’t have to be seperate things. We can be just as ridiculous and childish as we are honest, intelligent, and powerful.

The Scamp School creates intergenerational space for people to be heard, practice direct action, and build community. We want anyone and everyone to be organizing themselves to have fun, take risks, and learn. We challenge authority and protect each from systems that seek to control and divide us.

We organize events, make art, and take action. Join us !

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